Legal Services by Servicios Binacionales

The Law Firm Created for Business

We know that your companies will need legal compliance for each of their needs, from space rentals, government licenses, client and supplier contracts, to legal administration of Human Resources, Accounting, Tax, Trade and Customs.

At Servicios Binacionales we ensure compliance and monitoring of each of its areas, and we are prepared for any internal or external inspection or audit.

Our team is at your service to make your business in Mexico as simple as possible and your companies and teams can focus on the Core Business of your business.

To ensure that you are complying with the various standards and Mexican regulations. If there is a compliance issue in Mexico, our team of legal advisors will be available to help.


Administrative Law

Civil Law

International Law

Labor Law

Commercial Law

Intellectual property


  • Government Tenders and Contracting
  • Administrative Responsibility for Acts of Corruption
  • Personal Data Protection
  • Access to Information and Transparency



  • Consulting in International Contracts
  • Advice on Foreign Trade and Customs Operations
  • Franchises
  • Foreign investment


We focus our labor law practice on comprehensive advice for companies. The global present involves a series of challenges and changes in the usual practices of companies. We provide the tools so that employers can make the best decisions. In addition, we have a specialized litigation practice group to defend companies from actions that may be taken by workers or unions.

  • Individual Work Contracts
  • Internal Labor Regulations
  • Administrative Agreements
  • Attention to Conciliation Appointments
  • Labor Terminations
  • Labor Inspections
  • Advice on outsourcing processes
  • Joint Committee
  • Collective contracts
  • Labor Audit
  • Legal Updates


  • Commercial Executive Trial: promissory notes, checks, bills of exchange, credit.
  • Special pledge procedures.
  • Demand for termination, compliance, termination or nullity of commercial contracts.
  • Judicial and notarial inquiries.