Building Synergies with Companies and offering Legal, Accounting, Human Resources and Customs Support

Instead of establishing your own legal entity in Mexico, you can run your processes under one property of our company.

The Binational Shelter Services program is designed to reduce risk and liability for Mexican and foreign companies.

We will manage all permits and licenses, rent your facilities and take care of the Legal, Human Resources Accounting and Customs administrative responsibilities.

BAVS by Lic. Bailón Velázquez

BAVS is a Law Firm established in the city of Mexicali, Baja California, founded in 2011 by Law Degree Sergio Bailón Velázquez, with a Master’s Degree in Corporate Law and Procedural, Civil and Commercial Law. With public offices at the Federal level; General Director attached to the Federal Liaison Unit, Secretary of the Interior, Director of Federalism, National Institute for Federalism and Municipal Development, Secretary of the Interior. Government Affairs and Corporate Law Specialist; Civil, Labor, Commercial and Procedural Administrative.

Servicios Binacionales by BAVS

Servicios Binacionales is shelter that offers services to small and medium-sized national and foreign companies, in everything related to their Legal, Accounting, Human Resources and Customs constitution. With the aim of offering the best service that quickly and efficiently solves the needs of its clients.

In Servicios Binacionales we have a multidisciplinary and expert team in each of our services. Each member of the team has the necessary professionalism and experience to serve in an excellent way the needs of our clients.

Our team is at your service to make your business in Mexico as simple as possible and your companies can focus on the Core Businessof their business.

You can focus just on your operational processes and you will be in complete control.

Our goal is to give our clients the comfort and confidence that they can operate their companies, whether national or foreign, without any legal risk, obtain licenses and permits, ensuring that they comply with Mexican laws. By offering a multidisciplinary service, our clients have quick installation times, management of all accounting and administrative matters under the guidelines of the law, low costs in qualified hiring, as well as specialized advice and management of their Human Resources and Customs areas. .


Our work philosophy is to provide a comprehensive Legal, Fiscal, Human, Organizational and Customs service of excellence with the highest standards of professionalism required by the market, protecting our clients’ assets at all times.

Our Services

In Binational Services we ensure all compliance and monitoring of each of its areas


We know that your companies will need legal compliance for each of their needs.


The experts in Binational Services will take care of your accounting, payroll and legal aspects.

Human Resources

At Servicios Binacionales we offer you comprehensive support for your entire Human Resources area.


We offer import and export solutions to achieve the greatest agility in customs clearance.